Our Company

Our company was founded in 1987 as a one-man business and then became the Keßler Bau AG in 2002. Currently, as a medium-sized construction company in the Uckermark region, we employ 69 people.

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7:15 – 18:00
7:15 – 14:00

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17291 Hohengüstow gm. Uckerfelde

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Faks: 039861-593737

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House building


Whether it’s a new construction or a conversion of any kind of residential building, we always deliver our best performance here as well.

A fixed-price house from Keßler-Bau AG is not an everyday house. A highest level of living comfort for a lifetime is guaranteed by well thought-out details as well as high-quality materials. You may take the following as a matter of course:
  • Personal assistance during preparation and construction
  • Own contribution to the work is also possible
  • Our building contracts provide security
  • Deadline and price guarantee (fixed prices)
  • Five-year guarantees
Many building projects that have already been completed illustrate our efficiency to clients. You can find a short list under “Building projects”.